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Images and imaging technology are essential to many aspects of science. We use our eyes to observe changes and measurements in scientific experiments. Images also allow us to showcase our science and research and help others to understand what we are doing.

For things that are too small to see, there are a range of devices we can use. Light microscopes rely on visible light and magnifying lenses to expand a view of a sample. Because they use visible light, they give images that are coloured.

For very small samples, we can use beams of electrons to visualise the sample. This technique is called electron microscopy. Some types of electron microscopy are so powerful that they can even be used to look at clusters of atoms.

Because electron microscopy images are created by electrons falling on a detector, the images are in black and white. However, many scientists choose to add colour using imaging software to make the images more attractive.

Please enjoy the images on these pages. They are all completely free to use. Please also try some of the ideas for science-art that we have included!

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