The ChemBAM project has been established to increase the public’s confidence in discussing Chemistry. Chemistry plays an important role on many of today’s global challenges, that are often driven by economic, political and geographical factors. Chemistry research contributes to many areas that affect our daily lives, as we seek to improve technology for the future, address healthcare issues, and improve the standards of living. This website serves as a platform to bridge the gap between the scientific expert and the public understanding of scientific issues, specifically those involving Chemistry. However, the ChemBAM project stretches well beyond the website resource.


  • To demonstrate the relevance of chemical science to everyday interests and concerns, in order to inspire non-chemists
  • To equip the general public with knowledge and the confidence to make judgements in policy using scientific understanding
  • To allow members of the Chemistry research community to communicate with the public via resources on the website and outreach events
  • To showcase the current research  in the School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham,  to have an impact on the public understanding of Chemistry

The ChemBAM team:

We are a group of chemistry researchers who are keen to share our work through a range of resources and interactive activities, initiated by Zoe Schnepp. If you are a scientist and would like to contribute to this website please contact Zoe Schnepp at the University of Birmingham. The website is currently edited by Ruth PatchettZoe Schnepp and Nicola Rogers, with many contributions from a whole host of scientists. To find out more about us check out the ‘meet the scientist‘ section.