Global challenges

Picture of planet earth

The world’s population is expected to exceed 9 billion by 2050, and our planet faces many global challenges. The sciences, and chemistry in particular, play an important role in many of the global  issues below, affecting our daily lives, the future of technology and our standards of living.  More information on the role of Chemistry in tackling global challenges can be found on the Royal Society of Chemistry website. Individuals, communities, companies and nations all have a role to play in tackling inter-connected global challenges, in order to provide every person across the globe with water, food, energy, healthcare, and a home. Chemists play an important part in this, and  are developing new technologies to address many of these issues, from water purification materials to new batteries and solar cells. Find out more about global challenges below…

Cartoon of a car plugged into a solar panel
Image of planet earth surrounded by green leaves
Glass and bottle of drinking water
Bottle of pills
Image of a recycling box containing bottles, cans and paper
Fruit and vegetables




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