ChemBOX Humber

ChemBOX Humber was jointly sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry and Phillips 66.

The University of Birmingham team prepared ChemBOX kits including all the equipment and consumables needed to run 6 ChemBAM experiments with a class of 32 pupils. We then travelled to the Phillips 66 oil refinery in Immingham to work with their fantastic outreach team to train 25 teachers from 6 local schools in the experiments.

Each of the experiments had a link to the chemistry that goes on at the oil refinery. This obviously included fractional distillation, but also water purification and the development of materials for batteries.

We then held an event at a local school where GCSE pupils from all 6 schools had a chance to try our the experiments. The feedback was fantastic. One teacher said,

“We would like to thank you and everyone else involved in the event yesterday. It was fantastic for our pupils to talk with adults who use chemistry in the outside world. I know that the pupils were inspired as there were many conversations afterwards regarding careers and university courses.”

Phillips 66 is a major employer in the Humber region and several of their young scientists were able to attend the event, showcasing the type of careers that a STEM degree can lead to.

You can read more about this project in the RSC Community Pages.