Pre-school (Under 5)

Image of a teddy bear in some grassThe activities in this section encourage children to investigate and observe different phenomena through play. This builds towards the UK Key Stage 1 and 2 curriculum requirements.

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Teddy goes camping

This activity encourages children to think about different materials and their properties. Children explore a range of objects and describe how they feel and what they are made of. They then test three different materials as tents for a rainy camping trip and reflect on which material worked the best. This activity can also be used to lead into a discussion on recycling.

Curriculum Topics: Working Scientifically, Everyday Materials, Uses of Everyday Materials

Jelly seaweed

In this activity, children use pipettes to add a seaweed extract (sodium alginate) to a solution containing calcium. The result is jelly-like beads or worms. The activity introduces the concepts of reactions and the use of scientific apparatus. The children enjoy exploring the unusual texture of the ‘jelly’ beads.

Curriculum Topics: Working Scientifically


In this activity, children explore melting of ice, jelly and chocolate. They then learn that something doesn’t have to be cold to melt – introducing the concept that melting involves warming something up.

Curriculum Topics: States of matter

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