KS2 (Age 7-11)

The activities in this section encourage children to investigate and observe different phenomena through experiments. This builds towards the UK Key Stage 2 curriculum requirements.


Crunchie bar batteries

This hands-on experiment can be used to demonstrate different methods for the separation of battery material prior to recycling, using a crunchie bar, and is relevant to a range of age groups. 

Curriculum Topics: Working scientifically, Properties and changes of materials


Kitchen detectives

This colourful hands on experiment is a good way of showing children how science (in this case chromatography) can be used to solve real life problems.

Curriculum Topics: Working scientifically


Life on Mars

The Perseverance Rover landed on Mars on February 18th 2021. Take a look at this lesson for a fun activity to learn about rocks and how the Rover is going to search for signs that there was once life on Mars!

Curriculum Topics: Working scientifically, rocks, space

Self cleaning materials

In this hands on experiment children explore how water can interact differently with different surfaces (e.g. how lotus leaves can “repel” water).

Curriculum Topics: Working scientifically, Properties and changes of materials


Lights and Shadows

In this experiment, we look at light, how it travels, and how shadows form.

Curriculum Topics: Light, Properties of materials, Working scientifically

Cloud in a Bottle

Clouds are an all too familiar sight in our climate. In this experiment, we can make our own inside a plastic bottle

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