Below we have a selection of experiments, lectures and other activities suitable for A level (or enthusiastic GCSE!) students.


Expand your experience and try some activities that you can write about on your UCAS statement!

Experiment on the toxic effect of salt on cress seeds

Make a cloud in a plastic bottle


A group of lecturers from the University of Birmingham have recorded some of their lectures suitable for A-level or GCSE students. You can watch them here and test your knowledge on our multiple choice quizzes!

Nanotechnology – with Prof. Jon Preece

Toxicology – with Dr Zoe Schnepp

Thinking of studying science or engineering at University? Check out our The University of Birmingham foundation lectures here


There are some amazing resources out there to help you enhance your A-level experience and also to help you make decisions about your future career. 

CramNow is a fantastic new A Level revision question website for all the sciences.

We love all the NASA resources and have been particularly excited by the latest reports from the Perseverance Rover on Mars!