Home Learning

Welcome to our brand new home learning page! Given the recent school closures, we are going to try and produce some resources to help parents who are trying to keep their kids busy. For older pupils, check out our ‘resources for students’ page. We hope to keep building that too!

As we work out what sort of material we’re going to include on here, the format might change a bit and we’ll try to get things in sections for different ages. Initially, we’ll probably put all resources on this one page.

All of our resources are available as editable documents so feel free to make any changes you need to make it work in your home or with your child. Don’t forget to tweet us @chembameditor with any pictures of you having fun with the experiments!

Resources to download

Nature treasure hunt! Get your kids out in the fresh air. Download here.

Properties of materials. Use packaging you have around the house to explore properties. You can even test them out to see which will protect something fragile (like an egg) best! Download here.

Experiments to try

Melting for ages 1-6

Lights and Shadows for ages 7-10

Extracting DNA from Fruit for ages 7-10

Helpful Links

Primary Science Curriculum (Gov website)

Royal Society of Chemistry Primary Resources

Open University Free Courses (Beginner courses here may be useful for GCSE and A-level pupils)

The Royal Institution have a Science Lives Here page with lots of videos and activities

Maddie Moat and Greg Foot are doing regular YouTube sessions at 11am on weekdays

BBC Bitesize resouces have a fantastic mixture of activities separated out in to KS2, KS3 and GCSE

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery have a virtual tour available perfect for choosing your favourite piece or artifact and sketching

Dr Gavin Harper a Faraday Institution Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham has made an energy and fuel cells workbook suitable for GCSE and A-level students

Scouts have a “Great Indoors” activity page

ThinkUKnow provides information and resources for children 4-14+ and parents on how to work safely online