Lauren Josey

Woman with straight brown hair going down just passed her shoulders, brown eyes and silver hoop earrings smiling at the camera.

I am an undergraduate student in my second year as of September 2020. I chose to come to the University of Birmingham because the campus had a great atmosphere, everyone I spoke to in the School of Chemistry was friendly and the university has fantastic facilities. After spending the early part of my childhood in the Midlands, I also had fond memories of visiting the city when I was young.

I had always enjoyed science in school but was not certain if it was for me. I chose to take A level Maths, English literature and a science subject. The question was, which science? Finally, I settled on Chemistry because it plays such a fundamental part in everything we do and I believe, holds the key to solving many of our current and future challenges as a society. In my first year, I have enjoyed being able to apply the taught theory in the new collaborative teaching laboratory.

It has been great to produce content for ChemBAM to inspire others who, like me, may be unsure if studying Chemistry is right for them as well as learning fascinating new things myself.

When I am not studying, I practice yoga, meditate and attend fitness classes at the University Sport & Fitness club.

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