Beatrice Browning

Name: Beatrice Browning

Description of my research: I am looking recycling of batteries which are used in laptops and mobile phones. At the moment these batteries end up in landfill when people have finished with them.

Favourite thing about my job: That some of the experiments I will be doing have never been done before.

Coolest thing I’ve ever done: I went on a month-long road trip around America!

My earliest memory of science: Learning about circuits in primary school.

Favourite scientist from history: Rosalind Franklin

Birthday: March

Favourite food: Pic ‘n’ mix!

Favourite subject when I was at school: Maths!

Hobbies: Playing netball, walking, meeting up with friends, baking/cooking

Interesting fact about me: My birthday is on Saint Patrick’s Day!

Older pupils can read more about Beatrice and her work here.

Beatrice has designed an experiment where you can explore the properties of materials! You can download the worksheet here.

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