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Name: Emily Hanover

What I do; I am an undergraduate student, so I get to spend my time learning all the different aspects of chemistry. So I go to lectures, go in the labs to learn practical skills and go to ‘tutorials’, which are groups of 5/6 people where we work through questions about the content we’re learning.

Favourite thing about my job: Going into the labs to learn new practical techniques and practice the ones we already know. It’s really good to see how much you improve and speed up working!

Coolest thing I’ve ever done: It has to be playing in the National Youth Orchestra at the BBC Proms!

My earliest memory of science: Reading ‘It’s Elementary’, a children’s science book by Robert Winston

Favourite scientist from history: Alfred Nobel – Most notable for the Nobel Peace prize, but he also invented dynamite (There’s a really good sketch about the origins of the Nobel Peace Prize on Horrible Histories)

Birthday: April

Favourite food: Spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce

Favourite subject when I was at school: Maths (I didn’t like chemistry until I was 16)

Hobbies: Playing cello and baking. My housemates will often come home to find me in the kitchen making crumble or pie, but my favourite thing to make is cake

Interesting fact about me: I love musicals, and this year, my friends and I went to see Les Misérables in London. Also the hamster in the photo isn’t mine.

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