Josh Worch

Name: Josh Worch

Description of my research: I develop new plastics and rubbers that are biodegradable. If we can make a bottle or container from a degradable plastic, then it will disappear within a few years after we throw it away instead of causing harm to the environment.

Favourite thing about my job: Every day I do something different! On any given day, I may be in the lab working on a cool new experiment, teaching a student, or writing a publication.

Coolest thing I’ve ever done: Moved to a new country (I am an American!)

My earliest memory of science: When I was very young (3-4 years old) I remember being fascinated by a thunderstorm and wanting to go outside in the storm. My mum always had to lock the doors whenever the weather turned bad because I would try to escape outside. I actually wanted to be a meteorologist (someone who studies the weather) until I went to university.

Favourite scientist from history: Linus Pauling. He was one of the most famous chemists from the last century, but also had many other interests besides science. In fact he is one of only a few people who have won more than one Nobel Prize – the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and the Nobel Peace Prize.

Birthday: February

Favourite food: Sticky toffee pudding

Favourite subject when I was at school: Biology

Hobbies: Taking naps with my dog…traveling, running, reading 

Interesting fact about me: Chemistry was not my favourite subject in school and I actually wasn’t all that great at it before studying it at university! Now, I have a PhD in chemistry and I love my research! It is funny how your interests can change.

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