Rob Hunter

Smiling blonde man in a blue jumper standing in front of a river in a city

Name: Rob Hunter

Description of my research: I turn parts of plants into new materials that can be used in batteries and to clean water.

Favourite thing about my job: The variety! Some days I spend my time making things in the lab or analysing samples with various cool pieces of equipment, while other days I teach undergraduate students.

Coolest thing I’ve ever done: I went backpacking around Europe for a month – and didn’t get lost!

My earliest memory of science: Visiting We the Curious with my parents when I was really small (or “at Bristol” as it used to be known): a science centre in Bristol that has lots of fun, hands-on experiments for kids. The planetarium in the shape of a big disco ball particularly stood out!

Favourite scientist from history: Dmitri Mendeleev. He created the periodic table in 1869, something that is extremely useful to scientists to this day.

Birthday: November

Blonde man sat with a yellow gecko sat on his stomach.

Favourite food: Steak pie

Favourite subject when I was at school: Maths

Hobbies: I love playing and watching pretty much all sport, especially cricket and football (I’m a Newcastle United fan!).

Interesting fact about me: I have a leopard gecko called Cleopatra. She’s not the cuddliest pet in the world but she’s still cute!

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