Jim Tucker

JimTucker(Professor James Tucker)

I am a Professor of Supramolecular Chemistry and run an active research group focused on the design and study of supramolecular systems and functional DNA-based assemblies. Supramolecular chemistry is a field of chemistry that goes beyond the molecule, concerning structures that are made up of molecular sub-units, held together by intermolecular forces.

I was born in London and studied there at King’s College London (University of London), both as an undergraduate and a postgraduate. I obtained my PhD in 1993, having studied in the group of Dennis Hall. I then undertook two postdoctoral fellowships, firstly in Hiroshima University, Japan with Eichii Kimura (1993-4) and then at the Université de Strasbourg, France with Nobel Prize winner Jean-Marie Lehn (1994-5). In 1995, I returned to the UK to take up a Lectureship in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Exeter. In 2005, when the university decided in their wisdom to shut their chemistry department, I moved to the University of Birmingham.  I am now Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer in the School of Chemistry as well as Deputy Head of School. I like to spend my spare time with my family but I also enjoy watching good football (although QPR is my team) and photography. I also run a campaign for a new city park in the centre of Birmingham and help out with the running of a local community cinema.


For more information my research, please visit my group website.

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