John Fossey

This page was written by the late Professor John Fossey.

john-fosseyI am a senior lecturer in the Chemistry department, at the University of Birmingham, and lead an active research group that focuses on sensing, catalysis and drug discovery.

I carried out my PhD research at the Queen Mary University of London with Dr C. J. Richards, and then took up a research position as a post-doc at Tokyo University, Japan, with Professor Shu Kobayashi.

In 2005 I became a research fellow at the University of Bath, and moved to the University of Birmingham as a lecturer in 2008. During my time at the University of Bath I struck up productive and long-lasting collaborations with researchers there and further afield. Through combining knowledge of catalysis with the demands of modern sensing I have been able to create a platform for rapid sensor assembly and discovery. There is also a strong international aspect to my research outputs, especially through productive links with East China University of Science and Technology.

In my research group we specialise in organic and organometallic chemistry to develop new compounds with a whole host of applications. Currently we are working on a project to develop ‘smart-insulin’ for diabetes patients, which will respond to glucose levels. The idea is that the smart insulin can be administered perhaps once a week, and will deliver insulin as and when glucose levels are raised:

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