Maria Chiara Arno

(Dr Maria Chiara Arno)

I am a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham. My research focuses on the development of new degradable materials for applications in drug delivery and tissue engineering. I am particularly interested in studying the interaction of human cells and tissues with polymeric materials and how these can influence cell behaviour, including adhesion, migration, and cell-cell interactions.

Photo taken by Maria Chiara Arno

I grew up in lovely Sardinia, one of the major islands in Italy. I didn’t know I was going to be a scientist when I was growing up! In fact, I spent 5 years in high school studying Latin and ancient Greek. However, I loved my Chemistry classes, especially how easy I found understanding redox reactions, and that’s what motivated me to go for a Chemistry degree. Thus, I moved to the University of Padova to start my undergraduate studies in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology. In 2011 I participated in the amazing Erasmus programme and spent 6 months at King’s College London to undertake my final year project. I loved living in London and really enjoyed working in the lab, so I decided to stay for a PhD in the same group, focussing on the design and synthesis of analogues of hepcidin, a physiologically produced peptide involved in the regulation of iron metabolism.

After my PhD, I considered a career in academia more seriously, but I wanted to opt for a change in research direction. I then joined the Dove group in 2015 and focused my work on developing new polymeric carriers for drug delivery and tissue regeneration. I love working in a very diverse research environment and I am starting to establish my own multidisciplinary research line at the University of Birmingham. An overview of my research is presented below.

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