Peter Slater

(Professor Peter Slater)
I work the the field of Materials Chemistry at the University of Birmingham, and have over 20 years research experience in the area of solid state/materials chemistry, ranging from solid oxide fuel cells to high temperature superconductors. My present research is focusing mainly on the development of novel ionic and mixed conductors for energy storage and conversion applications (e.g. batteries and fuel cells), in order to improve materials performance.

I obtained my  BSc degree in Chemistry at the University of Birmingham in 1987, before completing my PhD in the area of high temperature superconductivity. I spent a further 5 years at Birmingham as a postdoctoral research fellow, before moving to the University of St Andrews firstly as a postdoctoral research fellow and then as a temporary lecturer. In 1998 I was appointed as a lecturer in inorganic chemistry at the University of Surrey, and was promoted to senior lecturer in 2004. In 2008 I moved to the University of Birmingham, and was promoted to Reader in Materials Chemistry in 2010, and then Professor in 2012. I also actively promote research into new energy technologies to the general public, and in schools.

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