Richard Horniblow

(Dr Richard Horniblow)
richard I am a postdoctoral research fellow working in the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences at the University of Birmingham. I work in the research group of Chris Tselepis, looking at the different ways in which our diet can be linked to the onset of digestive diseases.

I studied Chemistry with Pharmacology as a degree, and then went on to undergo a PhD project that bridged between the School of Chemisty and the Medical School at the University of Birmingham, bringing together specialists across the sciences. During this research I developed a dietary iron chelator (a molecule that binds to iron in the gut), which is currently being investigated in a human clinical trial. The aim of this project was to create a medicinal agent that can help with digestive diseases and prevent cancer.

In my current research position I am continuing to develop this research. I am looking at many different iron-chelating molecules, and investigating different methods of formulation for such drugs for digestive disease; it is not only important for the drug to work in the large intestine, it must also travel through the gastrointestinal tract without having adverse effects elsewhere before it gets there. We are also looking into the ways in which our DNA can be modified by environmental factors, such as high levels of unabsorbed iron in the gut.

In addition to undertaking research in the lab, I also enjoy science communication and participate in many outreach activities. Outside of the research lab I am a keen baker and I enjoy playing the piano.

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