Rob Neely

(Dr Robert Neely)

rneelyI am a senior lecturer in physical chemistry at the university of birmingham, and am also affiliated to the EPSRC-sponsored Physical Sciences for Health Centre for Doctoral Training.

My research interests are focussed on the development of new ways to study biological systems using fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging. I am particularly interested in the application of enzymes, nature’s molecular machines, to modify DNA.

I graduated with a MChem from Edinburgh in 2001, and completed my PhD in Edinburgh in 2005, working in Anita Jones’s group on the application of time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy to study the DNA duplex. I was awarded an EPSRC post doctoral fellowship at the Life Sciences Interface (Edinburgh) and spent a year with Nobel Laureate, Sir Richard Roberts at New England Biolabs, MA as part of this work.

I moved to Johan Hofkens’ research group in Leuven, Belgium in 2009 to take up a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship and was subsequently awarded an ‘Innovatiemandaat’ by the Flemish Government in 2012 to pursue the development of a single-molecule DNA mapping platform. In July 2014 I moved to Birmingham as a lecturer.


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