Ruchi Gupta

(Dr Ruchi Gupta)

I am a Senior Lecturer and Birmingham Fellow in Healthcare Technologies at the University of Birmingham. The research in my group is focused on developing measurement methods and devices that have applications in disease diagnosis, environmental monitoring and food security. Most of the techniques I develop involve light to perform measurements. For more information about my research, please visit our group website.

The thing that I enjoyed the most in my current role is to try out new ideas in our research labs. I work with a team of PhD students and PDRAs with backgrounds in chemistry, physics and engineering. We are keen to communicate our research to a wide range of audiences and organize frequent public engagement activities.

I got into science and engineering because my dad used to work as a scientist in the Indian Council of Medical Research. I loved going out with my mother to our local library and book fairs. My mother bought me an electromagnet set, which had batteries, magnets, iron filling, fan, motor, light bulbs and breadboard, and I loved playing with it because I could tinker with things. My Mathematics and Physics teachers in School were my role models and also inspired me to become a scientist.