Steve Williams

I am the glassblower at the University of Birmingham, and I am based within the school of Chemistry. I make bespoke pieces of glassware to meet the individual needs of research groups within the department. The bespoke glassware is mainly used by synthetic chemists, working on many different research projects in science. To find more about the glassblowing facility, click here.

I have always enjoyed hands-on practical work, so I undertook an apprenticeship when I left school, and trained as a glassblower for a family business that supplied scientific glassware. I worked in industry for ten years, and then took up the position of scientific glassblower in the School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham, which allows me to make more complex pieces.

Although I am based in the School of Chemistry, I fabricate and repair scientific glass work for external clients inside and outside of the University Campus; due to the nature of glass being quite artistic, I also work on external projects for the Jewellery school and the Arts foundation. Currently I am working with artists Kaye Winwood and Nuala Clooney, making glassware for an up and coming project at the Arts and Science Festival 2017. To read more about this take a look here, and look at twitter #ExpandedIntimacy.

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