Extended Reading

Researchers in science spend a lot of time reading about science, to learn the foundations and read about what other researchers have been up to. Learning how to read scientific language and vocabulary is an important skill to develop.

At ChemBAM we want to make sure that everyone feels confident when they are reading about science especially when it comes up in the media or if you need to make choices based on scientific evidence. This might vary from if you wear a mask to prevent spreading disease, what car to buy or what foods you should include (or exclude) to have a healthy diet.

Pick a topic and try out our reading materials and answer the questions to reflect on what you have read and understood.

Battery Recycling

External Reading

Try out the links below to widen your reading! Remember don’t worry if you don’t understand all of an article when you first read it. Read through once to get the idea, look through again and underline words you don’t understand to look up. Like all skills this takes practice!

Compound Chemistry’s Guide to Spotting Bad Science

Science research articles in The Conversation

Features Articles in Chemistry World

Check out the science articles in Science Magazine

A guide to reading academic papers (good University prep!)