Notched syringes

Notched syringes are an accessible measuring apparatus for people with vision impairment. They can be used as an alternative to traditional syringes, burettes, pipettes and measuring cylinders. For example, students with vision impairment may struggle to carry out titration experiments without assistance as a burette can be challenging to read off, but a few notched syringes measuring different volumes can be used as an alternative (see the olfactory titration page for more information).

Making the notched syringes (for teachers/technicians)

Pull the plunger on the Leur slip syringe up until the base of the plunger is level with the intended volume for the notched syringe.

Cut a notch with a scalpel so that the bottom of the notch is in line with the top of the barrel.

Add adhesive rubber bumps (Bumpons) to label the volume that the notched syringe measures.

Using the syringes

Fill the syringe with liquid from the beaker containing the reactant until it is at its maximum capacity.

Place a finger on the notch and push it down until the bottom of the notch is in line with the top of the barrel, expelling the liquid back into the same beaker.

Transfer the liquid remaining in the syringe into the reaction vessel.

Video to demonstrate using the syringes