Evin Chen

(Dr Tzu-Yu Chen)

I am a postdoctoral research fEvinellow in Materials Chemistry at the University of Birmingham. I received my PhD from the University of Birmingham in 2012 under the supervision of Dr Joe Hriljac, where I studied the thermal conversion of the spent zeolites into ceramic wasteforms and their leaching behaviours. I then worked as a teaching-focused staff (assistant professor) in the Department of Chemistry, Chung-Yuan Christian University (Taiwan) before I returned to the UK.

I am now doing postdoctoral research funded by EPSRC DISTINCTIVE programme involving the design, preparation, characterisation, modelling and testing of novel ion exchangers for the use in the nuclear industry. To find out more about this work, click here.

I have been working on zeolites and other synthetic porous materials for the environment clean up and nuclear waste remediation, and the characterisations using X-ray diffraction techniques, electron microscopy and ICP. My current research is focused on the tailored ion exchange properties and the development of ceramic wasteform production using Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIPing).

isostatic pressing
Recently published work, in which radioactive Cs+ ions can be exchanged into porous materials, and subsequently be trapped by hot isostatic pressing. To access the full paper click here
3D-printed model of a new porous materal developed in the School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham. The model really helps us to visualise the pore structure!+


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