General experiments

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Slide7 Slide5 Picture of a barrel of nuclear waste

Slide10 nanotech fractional distillation

Nanoparticle Gummy Bears


If you are interested in resources for A Level science practical assessments, take a look at the University of Birmingham’s science resources here.

For a whole host of other Chemistry teaching resources, take a look at the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Learn Chemistry website.

For more resources for Science clubs take a look below at some activities that have been designed with a Chemical Engineering twist, designed by Jon Wood:

For information on infra-red spectroscopy experiments with the RSC’s ‘Spectroscopy in a Suitcase’, using equipment hosted at the University of Birmingham with Mark Read, follow this link.

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EFluor Nanocrystal Vials (By Travis.jennings CC BY 3.0)

Gold standard in sensing (By Alchemist-hp  CC BY-SA 3.0)

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2 thoughts on “General experiments

  1. I want to etend our best year 10 and 11 girls and wat to stretch them beyond the curriculum there is such a lot of great stuff here would be interested in working with you and working on a programme for our girls which involved your input


    • Wonderful, something they can work on at home is the “toxicology” experiment which just requires a few cress seeds, salt and some kitchen roll you could also ask them to suggest other toxins to try out. Do get in touch via email so we can work together. Where are you based?


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