Experiments – A Level topics

Slide1A Level Chemistry provides a relatively in-depth understanding the world around us, and its future. Scientific understanding is changing our lives, but it is also important to appreciate the sustainability of scientific developments for our future.

Here is a list of our experiments that relate to the A Level curriculum:

Slide7Electrolysis, redox reactions, fuel cells




Slide4Reactivity series of metals and electrochemical potentials




Slide5DNA and enzymes








Slide1Acids and bases




Slide2Nanotechnology, intermolecular forces




Slide10Optical isomers, build a polarimeter


More A Level resources

For general Chemistry resources and CPD opportunities for teachers, take a look at the RSC Learn Chemistry site.

For resources relating to A-Level teaching from BP, click here.

If you are interested in resources for A Level science practical assessments, take a look at the University of Birmingham’s science resources here, where there are useful videos covering the acid-base titrations, reaction rates, electrochemical cells, and the preparation of organic solids.

For information on infra-red spectroscopy experiments with the RSC’s ‘Spectroscopy in a Suitcase’, using equipment hosted at the University of Birmingham with Mark Read, follow this link.

Beyond A Level….

If you are interested to see what careers an A Level in Chemistry can lead on to, take a look at the ‘Future in Chemistry‘ profiles on the Royal Society of Chemistry website. More careers information relating to careers in science can be found on BP’s website.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to study a Degree in Chemistry? If so, take a look at this useful video showing a day in the life of a chemistry student, at the University of Birmingham.

More experiments can be found in the main experiments tab.

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