Experiments – GCSE topics

GCSE Chemistry provides some of the foundations for understanding the world around us, and its future. Scientific understanding is changing our lives, and is vital to the world’s future prosperity.

Here is a list of our experiments that relate to the GCSE curriculum:





Slide7Electrolysis, redox, and fuel cells




Slide4Reactivity series of metals, using materials,  and corrosion




Slide5Synthetic and naturally occurring polymers




Slide5Synthetic and naturally occurring polymers





The earth’s water resources





The earth’s water resources




Slide1Acids, bases, neutralisation




For general Chemistry resources and CPD opportunities for teachers, take a look at the RSC Learn Chemistry site.

For resources relating to GCSE teaching from BP, click here.

Beyond GCSE….

If you are interested to see the huge range of jobs that can be found in Chemistry, take ‘Future in Chemistry‘ profiles on the Royal Society of Chemistry website.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to study a Degree in Chemistry? If so, take a look at this useful video showing a day in the life of a chemistry student, at the University of Birmingham.

More experiments can be found in the main experiments tab.

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