Yr 11 students, Lordswood Girls’ School

“We really enjoyed it, and learning about what Chemists would do in University”

“4.5/5 stars, loud and clear, detailed, learning about the research, interesting.”

“I loved learning about the research at Universities and how it links with companies”

“The experiments were very fun”

“We enjoyed playing with the blobs”

“I love the experiments!”

“I enjoyed speaking to someone who is at Uni – It’s actually very useful”

“honestly I found today’s lesson so interesting and Chemistry used to be my least favourite science ……. but I really enjoyed it! Now I wouldn’t mind taking it for A-Level and further”

“Interesting experiments and topics”

“it (chemistry) can be applicable in daily life, something I didn’t realise @ the start/previously”

“Loved the session, our knowledge of chemistry has expanded hugely. It was very interactive and it was nice to experience chemistry out of the curriculum”

“great fun, thanks”

“Really enjoyable, new outlook on chemistry and where it can take you, what you can do with it. Loved the experiments, especially the second (not only informative but fun!)”

“Please explain more basic concepts like what a polymer is, because not everyone knows what these are”

“After the experiments maybe someone could do a summary of what we have just seen and why, in a bit more detail.”

[Visited school Monday 30/10/2017]